Miss Kamolmanus Wattana


E-mail :                          kamolmanus_wa@rmutto.ac.th/ k9wattana@gmail.com


Position:                         Head of Department


Research Interests:      Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition, Plant Tissue Culture

Mrs. Parichart Puramongkon


E-mail :                        parichat_pu@rmutto.ac.th/ paritiktik40@gmail.com


Position:                      Vice-Head of Department for Administrative Affairs and Planning


Research Interests:   Free – Range Organic Laying Hen

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bancha Wiangsamut


E-mail :                       bancha_wi@rmutto.ac.th/ timbancha@yahoo.com


Position:                     Vice-Head of Department for Academic and Research


Research Interests:  Crop Production (i.e. rice, para rubber, tropical fruits, herbal plants, sugarcane) and Organic Agriculture

Mr. Kridsada Charroenmoon


E-mail :                       kridsada_ch@rmutto.ac.th/ Kridsadakub@gmail.com


Position:                     Vice-Head of Department for Student Affairs and Special Affairs


Research Interests:   Agricultural Extension

Dr. Sitthi Kulabtong


E-mail :                          sitthi_ku@rmutto.ac.th/ kulabtong2011@hotmail.com


Position:                         Lecturer


Research Interests:      Aquatic Ecology, Fishery Biology, Ecological Management in Aquaculture Pond

Miss Patchara Bamrung


E-mail :                      patchara_ba@rmutto.ac.th/ crop12nueng@gmail.com


Position:                     Lecturer


Research Interests:  Agricultural Extension

Mr. Tossaporn Montienthong


E-mail :                    benzphayfaa@gmail.com


Position:                   academic