Asst. Prof. Krisorn Ruaypom


E-mail :              


Position:                      Head of Department


Research Interests:    Energy, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Machinery

Mr. Kritsana Navarat


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Position:                        Vice-Head of Department for Administrative Affairs and Planning


Research Interests:     Thermal System, Fluid Mechanic, Applied Mechanics, Materials

Mr. Boonyarid Buarabut


E-mail :                


Position:                        Vice-Head of Department for Academic and Research


Research Interests:     Machinery, Energy,Non-destructive Evaluation of Agricultural Product

Mr. Channarong Choosui


E-mail :                 


Position:                         Vice-Head of Department for Student Affairsand Special Affairs


Research Interests:      Robot, Mechanic

Mr. Akkapong Sathavarinthu


E-mail :                


Position:                        Lecturer


Research Interests:    Alternative Fuel, Combustion, Heat Transfer

Asst. Prof. Surapong Sotong


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Position:                       Lecturer


Research Interests:    Energy and Technology Drying

Mr. Roitis Yartjaroen


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Position:                     Lecturer


Research Interests:  Heat Exchanger, Piping System

Miss Wisa Songpan


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Position:                 Academic Coordinator

Mr. Chayanon Arriphong


E-mail :                  –


Position:                Scientific Technician