Miss Khwanjit Orkweha


E-mail :                            khwanjit_or@rmutto.ac.th/ khwan_o1207@hotmail.com


Position:                          Head of Department


Research Interests:        Innovation and Invention, Innovation for Agriculture

Asst. Prof. Wuthikrai Chankhamrian


E-mail :                        wuthikrai_ch@rmutto.ac.th


Position:                      Vice-Head of Department for Administrative Affairs and Planning


Research Interests:   Renewable Energy, Power Electronics, Agricultural Innovations and Inventions

Asst. Prof.  Chakrit Winittham


E-mail :                         chakrit_wi@rmutto.ac.th


Position:                       Vice-Head of Department for Academic Affairs and Research


Research Interests:    Innovation for Agriculture

Asst. Prof. Danai Thongtawat


E-mail :                          danai_th@rmutto.ac.th/Dan_tao@hotmail.com


Position:                        Vice-Head of Department for Student Affairs and Special Affairs


Research Interests:     High Voltage Engineering, Innovation for Agriculture

Asst. Prof. Prayad Kongsuk


E-mail :                        prayad_ko@rmutto.ac.th


Position:                      Lecturer


Research Interests:    Power Electronics and Energy Conversation

Acting Sub Lt. Sakdawut Buntua


E-mail :                          sakdawut.tua@gmail.com


Position:                         Lecturer


Research Interests:      Control system  ,Electrical machinery1 , Electrical machinery2 and Mechanical operation

Asst. Prof. Somyod Santimalai


E-mail :                         somyod.san@rmutto.ac.th


Position:                       Lecturer


Research Interests:    Power System : Dynamic Controlling, Modeling Simulation and Optimization, Applied  Electrical Engineering in Agriculture Industry

Mr. Watcharakorn Pinthurat


E-mail :                           watcharakorn_pi@rmutto.ac.th


Position:                         Lecturer


Research Interests:      Power System Operation and Control, Distributed Energy Storage Control and Management

Mr. Monthon  Mahantagasi


E-mail :                        jj_hnd69@hotmail.com


Position:                      Academic Coordinator

Miss Sasiwimon Suksin


E-mail :                        sasiwimon_su@rmutto.ac.th/hning20@hotmail.com


Position:                      General Administrative Officer/ Secretary